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Validas AG is your partner of innovation for the efficent use of methods and tools in the development process of embedded systems.

We support you with the selection, qualification, introduction and application of the suitable tools and tool chains. We align the use of tool chains with the specific requirements of your organization and also the safety standards such as IEC 61508 or ISO 26262.

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13 March 2023
Validas AG will be present as a sponsor at the embedded world in Nuremberg on March 14th and 15th in the foyer St. Petersburg and will be available for all questions regarding Functional Safety.
10 November 2021
Dr. Oscar Slotosch will give a talk at the “SAE G-34 / EUROCAE WG-114 Artificial Intelligence in Aviation - Technical Talks” about the topic “(AI) Tool Qualification in ISO 26262 and 21448 (SOTIF)” on November 11th, 2021.
19 August 2021
Validas has qualified parts of the templated C++ Library. Over 100 functions from C++ classes like array, algorithm, chrono,… have been qualified for use in safety related application using a Validas Library Qualification Kit. The qualification is compliant with all ASIL D requirements from ISO 26262:2018 Part 8-12 and 6-9 as well as some main object orientation requirements derived from risks identified in DO-332. The qualification has been performed using the Linux operating system and a small target platform. The generated library qualification report documents the qualification and the library safety manual explains how to use the templated library safely. A minor issue has been found and reported to https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51177 Currently Validas AG is working in many projects to extend this growing QKit by more functions as requested from customers. For further information please contact: slotosch@validas.de


The Validas Tool Qualification Process was successfully certified by the TÜV.

The Validas Tool Qualification Process is based on the Validas Qualification Methodology and uses a model-based framework with which the qualification kit (QKit) can be easily and systematically created.

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