Tool configuration and extension

Only the correct embedding and configuration of tools in the tool and process landscape enables their efficient use

Test AutomationTool Usage


Modern tools, e.g. for data declaration, modeling or code generation, provide interfaces for extension and configuration. The users face the below challenges in dealing with newly created tool functions:

  • Specification of tool functions
  • Realization of tool functions
  • Documentation of tool functions
  • Maintenance and migration of tools

Understanding tools and considering user needs to accelerate development processes is our strength in tool extension and configuration.


Our strength is the automated model refactoring as well as the model analysis and / or guideline review. For many years, we have been accompanying our customers with individually tailored adaptations of MATLAB / Simulink / Stateflow tool chains for use in concrete development projects.

How we support you

  • Automated Model Refactoring and Static/Dynamic Model Analysis
  • Analysis and development of function optimizations for automated code generation (for example: For use in AUTOSAR development projects)
  • Tool configuration

Your benefits

  • Acceleration of development processes by automation
  • Reduction of the extension effort by using built-in functions instead of new implementations
  • Minimization of the code size of extensions
  • Reduction of maintenance effort by simplified tools
  • Efficient use by optimally configured tool chains

Test execution - Jenkins

We use systems for continuous integration like Jenkins very successfully for test automation. In numerous customer and in-house projects, we were able to develop our own recipe for success for continuous quality assurance.

How we support you

  • Conception and realization of automated quality assurance for efficient use in your projects
  • Structuring of various quality safeguards to form a basis for the consistent and systematic realization of validations
  • Minimal effort involved for maintenance and quality assurance through the automated and systematic realization

Your benefits

  • Continuous automated quality assurance allows an insight into the development status at any time
  • Creation of an overall concept for quality assurance
  • Comprehensibility through uniformly structured validations
  • Improved maintainability through consistent and automated processes

AUTOSAR configuration

XML configurations at AUTOSAR integration are cumbersome and difficult to maintain. Small changes to the configuration of the applications or the AUTOSAR basic software may cause the integration to fail. To address these problems, we have efficient solutions in our portfolio, which can reliably integrate and validate the configurations.

How we support you

  • With our Model Projector, we analyse your AUTOSAR models and identify the AUTOSAR elements used.
  • Based on the modules to be integrated, we create configuration profiles.

Your benefits

  • Time and resource savings through automation of recurring activities
  • Early detection of software component configuration errors and basic software configuration errors
  • Synchronization of project and cross-variant configuration changes with little effort

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