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Podcast: Tool and Library Qualification

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With our podcast, we aim to answer questions about tool and library qualification and to raise awareness about improving the safety of tools, methods and libraries.

Our host and expert Dr. Oscar Slotosch explains the basic terms, requirements, processes and methods. In addition, he wants to give you practical experience and point out new developments (standards, QKits, methods,..).

With the podcast we want to reach especially safety managers, as well as developers and testers of software / hardware who use and develop tools.

Listen to our teaser right now:

The podcast is available on all important platforms (e.g. Anchor FM), see https://anchor.fm/validas

Host & Expert: Oscar Slotosch

Editor & Interviewer: Federica Mura

"Oscar Slotosch is a walking tech-encyclopedia"

“If you want to get familiar with tool and library qualification, this is the person to go. There are just a few people worldwide with this know-how.” iTunes-feedback from user Wer_da?

Youtube Channel


On our YouTube channel you can find recordings of our events and demonstrations of tools.

Our Youtube-Channel