Testwell CTC++

Name: Testwell CTC++
Tool Provider:

Verifysoft https://www.verifysoft.com

Supported Standards: DO178C DO330 EN50128 IEC61508 ISO26262

Measure code coverage for C and C++ on host and target

Use Cases:

Version 9.1 of CTC++


Note: Also previous versions of CTC++ are supported


Coverage measurement in three variants: host, target (bitcov) and host-target-adapter ("hota")


Windows and Linux is supported

Safety-Impact: yes
  • Code Coverage:

    CTC supports different code coverage metrics for unit and integration test as required from ISO 26262, IEC 61508,..

  • Options:

    Several tool options can be qualified or mitigated, full details are confidential and are contained in the QKit

Potential errors:
# Error Safety-Impact Mitigations for detections/avoidance Final detection/avoidance probability
1 [Code Coverage] Code Coverage too High

The most critical errror is that the measured code coverage is too high

impact_true HIGH
2 [Code Coverage] Code Coverage too Low

If the code coverage could be lower than the real coverage, e.g. when summing something up wrongly.


This error has no impact since if the reported code coverage is lower than expected, the developer/tester will have to argue why some code is not covered.

3 [Options] Corrupted Coverage data

It could be that when using conversion option, the counter values are corrupted and wrong coverage results are reported.

impact_true HIGH
4 [Options] Empty or Unreadable Coverage Report

No coverage report created or the report is unreadable

impact_true HIGH
5 [Options] Wrong Behavior caused by options used to measure code coverage

The option does not work and the desired coverage view is not in the report

impact_true HIGH

The QKit is a standard Validas QKit using QST and TAU that automatically executes the qualification tests in the user environment (using the compiler) of the user. It also supports execution on host, target and targets with host support ("HoTa").

Qkit_CTC is a qualification kit for the tool Testwell CTC++.



For further questions please contact Verifysoft Technology GmbH or Validas AG:

- info@verifysoft.com

- qkitsupport@validas.de



QKit_CTC has been verified & validated for compliance with:

- ISO 26262:2018 8-11

- IEC 61508-2 7.4.4

- DO-330 TQL5 (required for DO-178C/DO-278A)

- DO178C

- EN 50128



QKit_CTC has been tested for:

- Windows 10 (64bit, MinGW gcc 8.2.0), Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 64bit, with gcc)

Qualfication method:



Available from Verifiysoft (with/without Validas support)


This testsuite contains tests for use case described in the model

Flags: Has Requirements Based Tests , Has Negative Tests , Has Boundary Tests , Has Equivalence Tests , Has Error Guessing Tests
# tests: 289
  • Code Coverage too High
  • Corrupted Coverage data
  • Empty or Unreadable Coverage Report
  • Wrong Behavior caused by options used to measure code coverage