Available Qualification Kits

This Qualification Kit Database contains an overview of some of the QKits which are offered either by Validas or its partners(with/without support from Validas). In order to help us review and continuously improve our database, it will be great if you give us feedback on our database and share your thoughts on which other Qkits you would like us to add to our growing database. Please send your questions, comments or suggestions to:

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The QKit-DB is currently under construction. More QKits will be added successively.
Name Description Qualification Method
Binutils LD GNU linker from Binutils VALIDAS_QKIT
C++test Parasoft’s C/C++test is the fully integrated software testing solution for embedded safety-critical industries. VALIDAS_QKIT
CodeSonar CodeSonar is a static code analysis tool. VALIDAS_QKIT
GCC Compiler GNU GCC compiler VALIDAS_QKIT
GCOV/LCOV Code Coverage Tool GCOV and LCOV are C/C++ code coverage tools VALIDAS_QKIT
GTest gtest (also known as Google Test) is a multi-platform unit testing and mocking library (also known as Google Mock) for the C++ programming language. VALIDAS_QKIT
Reqtify A requirements tracing tool VALIDAS_QKIT
Static Code Analyzer The static code analyzer is used to check the code for conformance to MISRA. VALIDAS_QKIT
Testwell CTC++ Measure code coverage for C and C++ on host and target VALIDAS_QKIT