High quality and safe software is the result
of carefully selected and coordinated processes, methods and tools.

In our work, we combine the model-based approach
and automation with industrial standards and
the specifics of your organization.

Safety of tools


In order to create safe systems, besides a safety concept, you need:

  • Safe hardware
  • Safe software and
  • Safe tools

We take care of the safety of your tools!

We work in compliance with safety standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508, DO-178/330 or EN 50128 which demand the proof of the trustworthiness of the tools used.

Our competences

First, through risk analysis, the qualification demand of tools is determined. This step is called „Tool Classification“.

In the second step, rigorous testing is performed which increases trust in critical tools. This step is called “Tool Validation”,

For tool vendors, we combine both steps in the form of „Tool Qualification Kits”.

These qualification kits allow tool users to carry out classification and validation for their projects with little effort.

Lockheed was very satisfied with the performance of Validas in helping us through the qualification process.  You saved Lockheed a significant amount of time and provided us with valuable advice. Thanks for all your help!

Willard Williamson (Sr. Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin Corporation)

Model-based approach


The model-based approach comprises of more than just graphical notation. The successful use of models in software and systems development requires:

  • The integration of different tools in a uniform tool chain
  • The transformation of models (e.g. in code or in test cases)
  • Validation tools tailored to modeling languages



AUTOSAR simplifies the distributed development of complex ECU software by:

  • Reusing application software in an architecture with standardized interfaces
  • Cooperation of developer groups and tools through given exchange formats
  • A clear methodology for configuration and integration

Our competences

We support you in:

  • Optimizing the use of AUTOSAR in customer projects
  • Automation of integration and configuration
  • Development of the AUTOSAR standard considering your own requirements

Find out how we can support you with our competences!

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